Puja Gupta to wear an outfit made of vegetables

7 years ago

Miss India Universe 2007, Puja Gupta who stepped into B’wood through “FALTU” is keen to wear an outfit made up of vegetables. It might sound astonishing for this unique dress code but this is to inform that it is initiated for a noble cause.


The Actress is already witnessed spreading awareness for Aids with names like Ashley Judd and Bono and this time she will be campaigning for the animal rights group.


Puja believes that the best thing we could favor animals is to stop consuming them. To make this easier everybody should be vegetarian. To make the world and yourself healthy and to protect animals one should have a vege-diet. 


The facts about the animal consumption have been shocking, as its percentage is increasing every year. For fulfilling its immense demand inappropriate means are also being adopted by its suppliers which are against the nature.


Well we hope the initiative the Actress is taking may bring a difference in the society.


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