Raageshwari Loomba visits orphanage in Pakistan

6 years ago

Some 300 orphans at a government shelter in the Pakistani capital had a special treat when Indian singer and actress Raageshwari Loomba visited the facility and performed songs and dances for them.  

Raageshwari, 40, currently on a private visit to Pakistan, went to the Sweet Home run by Baitul Mal in Islamabad and mingled with the orphans. The children were enthralled by her performance and joined her as she danced.

Speaking to the children, Raageshwari said she had visited several similar shelters in India but had never seen so much confidence in the children. "I'm here to share love and I have brought a message of goodwill and best wishes for the children from the Indian people. We can ensure peace in the world by giving the message of love and peace to our new generation," she said.

"Actors and social workers should play a role in the development of organisations that work for orphans," she added. The children also presented some songs and dances and recited poems for the actress. A documentary film on the Pakistan Sweet Home shelters was screened during the visit.

Baitul Mal's Deputy Managing Director Tariq Khursheed Malik said, "3,000 children were living in homes run by his organisation across the country. He said artists should visit these homes to encourage the children.

"The visit of Loomba is a positive step in the peace process between the two countries. Pakistan Baitul Mal has been making all out efforts to facilitate the children," he said. PTI

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