Rabbi Shergill composing song on outrage over gangrape incident

6 years ago

After joining protestors against the Delhi gangrape incident, singer-songwriter Rabbi Shergill of 'Bulla ki Jaana' fame is now working on a song on the ensuing outrage of the nation.

The Delhi-based singer, who had visited the protest site with Camille, said the incident shook his conscience.

"I received a sort of poem from someone on this issue, which carries a lot of anger and anguish. I have already put it into lyrics and now trying to compose the music. It should be out very soon. Through my music I'll do whatever is possible to heal these wounds," Rabbi told PTI.

"I was so sad I wanted to leave the country but I didn't and I will now try and soothe the troubled souls through my song and music," he added.

The 39-year-old singer said it was shocking to know of the incident and it has grieved his entire family.

"If this anger is not channelised in the right direction, it might fizzle out. Our society has become misogynistic," said Rabbi, who is known for his soulful music, which is a mix of Rock, Punjabi folk and Sufi.

The singer, who recently sang 'Challa' in Yash Chopra film 'Jab Tak hai Jaan', was livid at the "popularity of item numbers".

"Aren't people disgusted by the kind of lyrics carried by songs like 'Fevicol', promoting obscenity no less?

"Today folk singers like me can sustain ourselves through the love and appreciation we receive but there are many artists who are living their lives in abject penury. But, I guess item numbers are more important for our society."

The singer-songwriter had earlier written a song in memory of the 26/11 Mumbai attack victims. PTI

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