Rakesh Ranjan making film on scams in education

7 years ago

New Delhi: Director Rakesh Ranjan Kumar is all set to unravel the real stories behind the rackets marring the education system in his upcoming film titled "Marksheet".


Rakesh, who made his directorial debut with "Gandhi To Hitler", is finalising the script for the film inspired by Ranjit Don, who run a racket leaking question papers for nation-wide exams including the Common Admission Test (CAT) about a decade ago.


"The Ranjit Don case happened about 10 years ago, but such rackets are still active, forging marksheets, leaking question papers, exploiting the reservation system in educational institutions. So I thought of making a film on it," Rakesh told PTI.


The film is heavily inspired by Ranjit Don's case but it is not a biopic. The lead, to be played by newcomer Imran Zahid, is a fictional character.


"We have also included a love story angle and are looking to cast a fresh face opposite Imran. We hope to begin shooting in September in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and other cities," he added.


For Imran, who is currently working in Mahesh Bhatt's "Jism 2", shooting for "Marksheet" would be a trip back to his college days in Delhi University.



"I have seen how such rackets work during my days at the University. For me the film will be a nostalgic experience. It is inspired by Ranjit Don, but we have also included cases which have happened after that and the workings of the syndicates behind such scams," said Imran. PTI


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