Randeep Hooda to replace Emraan in Murder 3

7 years ago

By : Hina Fatima Khan


Director Producer Mahesh Bhatt opines that he has got a valid reason for replacing Emraan Hashmi with the new evolving face in Bollywood Randeep Hooda.



Well Emraan who happened to be at the meteoric rise  with the grand support of the Bhatts and presence of Mallika Sherawat in Murder will now be replaced by some new star.



Would you have watched Murder and Murder 2 if Emraan had not been casted in? NO,right? We agree, thats seems to be the illogical reason behind dropping Emraan from the next movie Murder 3.



However,the Haryanvi hunk after impressing the audience with his charming looks in Sahib,Biwi and Gangster and Jannat 2, could he really replace Emraan in Murder franchise? Not us but Mahesh Bhatt thinks so!



Mahesh said that he wants to take the franchise to a more upmarket level.And the need of the hour is to appeal to the mass audience for which he will be signing Hooda. Emrran's replacement in Murder 3 itself is enough to flummox your brains.



Isn't it insulting of the statements of Mahesh Bhatt for both Emraan and Randeep that Emraan not only be the part of the franchise he made successful and Randeep who is not a big star yet, still evolving!


Whatever he meant by his statements but indeed there can't be no Murder without Emraan, it's like they both are indispensable for each other!


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