Ranveer thinks a lot of good work is coming his way

6 years ago

Mumbai, Because of the potential that people saw in him from his first film. The actor became the talk of the town not only for his work but also for his alleged link-ups with co-stars Anushka Sharma, Sonakshi Sinha and Deepika Padukone. "I don't say anything... People say about it. I am generous with my compliments (on females). I tend to see the beauty in everyone. I don't hold back in expressing my feelings. "I think that's why these traits of me being tagged as flirt are talked about, which is fine. It is not my own doing, I don't try to perpetrate it," Ranveer said. But he has problems with tags of all kinds. "I have problem with tags, be it flirt or casanova. When you tag somebody, you are defining and limiting those people. Whoever you are assigning... Each person is complex and infinite. By tagging it is like putting them in a box. I don't think it is right," he added. PTI

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