Rashid Khan launches Rabindra Sangeet album

7 years ago

Eminent classical singer Ustad Rashid Khan has for the first cut a solo album of Rabindrasangeet, coinciding with Tagore's 151st birthday celebrations country-wide.


The presentation of the songs in the album 'Baithaki Robi' is in keeping with its name - that of an informal and free flowing cultural meeting among friends.


"Rabindranath is part of our psyche. Who has not ever hummed his songs! But I had never earlier gave it a thought that I could formally record some of his songs in my own way... His songs are so rich in musical notes," the Padma Shri and Sangeet Natak Akademi awardee told PTI after the launch of the audio CD last evening.


Rashid, lauded in the past by classical greats like Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, said the lifting of rights on Tagore music had made it possible to try 'new things' with it.


Asked about the naming of the album, Rashid, the great grandson of gharana founder Inayat Hussain Khan, said, "Moonmoon Sen (actor), whom I call 'masi' (aunt), had suggested I do a Rabindra sangeet album at one of those countless baithaks (informal cultural meetings) at her Kolkata home."


The tracks featuring Purbayan Chatterjee on sitar were recorded after the discussion at Sen's residence. Earlier, Rashid collaborated with popular Bengali singer Nachiketa for a Rabindra Sangeet album with classical 'bandish'es called 'Yatra 1'.



"When Ustadji came up with the idea of a solo Rabindra Sangeet album, I felt why not? He is such a big name in shastriya sangeet. It would only do good to make the songs reach out to more people, specially those attuned to classical music," said Purbayan, back from the Alchemy festival in the UK. The album is produced by Major 7th and released jointly with V Music. PTI

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