Ravi Kishan livid, defends Prateik

6 years ago

Actor Prateik, whose gently intense performance in Issaq has received rave reviews from some critics and been savaged by some others, has found an unlikely ally -- as well as mentor and advisor -- in Ravi Kishan, who plays a pivotal role in the film.

Ravi, who plays a powerful role in Issaq chose to be very vocal against negative reviews to the film, which is director Manish Tiwary's rugged adaptation of "Romeo & Juliet".

"Not liking a film is every critic's right and prerogative. Please feel free to dislike our film by all means. But why these personal comments? Why hit out at Prateik just because he has had some setbacks lately?

"Other actors too go through a lean phase. Prateik has worked really hard on his body language, voice and performance in 'Issaq'. I think he has a very bright future," said the actor.

Ravi, who has assumed the role of a protective brother in the younger actor's life, feels there is a lobby operating against Prateik.

"I don't know how or why he has offended people. But there is a lot of hostility towards him. Maybe because he is not media savvy. He likes to keep to himself. That isn't a crime. Don't punish the boy for nothing. Look at the way the audience reacts to him in the theatres," he added.

For Prateik, Ravi has been "a great source of strength and support".

"I've no words to describe how much strength I've derived from just being in his company," Prateik said.

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