Rita Ora promises a fun show on 'The Voice'

4 years ago

Los Angeles:Singer Rita Ora, who is set to replace Kylie Minogue on “The Voice”, says she's keen to spice things up when she takes her place on the reality show's panel.The 24-year-old has been drafted in as the new female panelist alongside regulars will.i.am, Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson.And Ora says she'll be candid when it comes to contestants' vocals and looks - whether they're male or female.“I’m not going to deny it. If someone is hot, I’m going to say they’re hot, male or female, but it doesn’t mean I am going to go somewhere. It is just paying them a compliment,” dailymirror.co.uk quoted Ora as saying.But she insists her frankness should not be mistaken for out-and-out flirting“I don’t know what flirting is really. Sometimes in women friendliness comes across as flirting. That is not what it is,” she said.“We get accused of flirting when we’re friendly or if we laugh at a joke, and it may not be as funny as other people think. I just have fun. I am 24, I have fun and I enjoy it,” she added.IANS

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