Riya Sen happy with current pace of work

5 years ago

Kolkata: After a long hiatus post-Noukadubi, actor Riya Sen is slated to appear in Moinak Bhowmik’s Family Album together with mum Munmun and sibling Raima.

"Feeling scared" about the way things will shape up and the audience reacts, the bubbly Sen told PTI.

"You will find our whole family together in Family Album,  thogh me and Raima are  not sharing screen space. It is the director’s call."

Riya, who was  speaking at the anniversary of Le Coffee Cr’me, recalled how Munmun came on board the same project just after a phone call in a span of two minutes after she broached the idea and Moinak got sold.

'Family Album' talks about the chemistry between mom and daughter and I am loving every moment of it. Moinak is so chilled out as a director and yet very sensitive and very friendly as we became the best buddies just after a  phone chat. Before that I didn’t know him," she said.

Coming to her role in Jaatiswar, based on the life of Portugese-Bengali minstrel Anthony, popularly called Anthony Firingee, Riya said "Its not a big role. And I came in place of Raima."

"Srijitda (director Srijit Mukherjee) sounded me after Raima backed out due to date problems and the director himself suggested my name. Srijitda as a director is very very unlike Moinak, he truly dons the director’s garb at the sets."

Riya, who recalls how her mother would come to daughter's set and stay back till her time was up, smiled how  a protective Munmun called her up whenever any link-up story surfaced in media and "I say don’t worry and don't attach any importance."

"I am slated to appear in a Hindi film by a new director where shooting will take place in next January in Chandigarh," she said reasoning her current quota of one-two films in as many years was pretty good after over a decade stint in Bollywood.”

"With the launch of its breakfast menu, the caf introduced the delicacies vetted by the pretty girl – Baked Pasta, Mexican Nachos, Cheese Chpocket pinch, a spokesman said.


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