Robin Williams' last video was a 'hoax'

5 years ago

New York: Late actor-comedian Robin Williams' last goodbye video has turned out to be a hoax. "Robin Williams Says Goodbye with his iPhone Video Before Suicide", was a popular video that went viral across social media last week. Several users clicked on the link that asked them to "Share" first. The link drew in internet users to take a survey. "Of course, you might be fooled into believing it is genuine. After all, you have seen one of your Facebook friends share it on their wall," reported. Through this scam, users are asked to take a survey before "watching" the video. The survey responses earn for the scammers some affiliate revenue, among others. "The scammers have no qualms about exploiting the death of a famous actor and comedian to earn their cash, and give no thought whatsoever to the distressed family he must have left behind," the report added. IANS

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