Rs 5 crore per episode for Bigg Boss? Salman says it is more

6 years ago


Salman Khan says he is charging more than the reported Rupees five crore sum per episode for hosting celebrity reality show Bigg Boss7   The actor is said to have doubled the money he was charging for the previous season for the Colors show but Salman wants to keep the media guessing about his pay cheque.     When asked whether he was getting Rs five crore per episode, Salman joked, "'Kam hai... figure kam hai, jyaada charge kar raha hoon' (The figure is less, I am charging more)."     Salman, 47, who returns as the host for the fourth time on the show, will play a double role of an angel and devil to the contestants holed up in Bigg Boss house for three months.     The actor said it will not be a tough call for him because he has small doses of both inside him.     "There is nothing unique in the show. It is just that we have this new concept of hell and heaven. I play a double role in it and will bring out the difference through my body language only. 'Ab baar baar costume change karna to mushkil hai na' (It would be difficult to change costume each time.)," Salman told PTI in an interview.     "We all have two sides both devilish and angelic but it depends totally on us how good we can be in bringing the goodness in us and suppressing the bad side. It's going to be fun and entertaining for me," Salman said. PTI    

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