Sallu Avoids Big B at the IPL rehearsals

7 years ago

Astha Mishra


Where all the bollywood stars love to greet Shehenshan, Mr Dabangg of the industry tried to avoid him in the rehearsals of the IPL opening.  As the sources say, Salman Khan preffered to wait in his vanity van while Big B was rehearsing for the event and said to  commence with his part after the senoir actor leaves.



Though both the actors meet each other with pleasure in public gatherings, this time Salman showed some unxpected traits.


According to the reports, Salman has tried to avoid his encounters with any member of the Bachchan family in past few weeks.



But the act of ignoring Amitabh Bachchan at the IPL event difinitely makes it one of the most interesting and hear-catching news for the B-wood.   

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