Salman calls SRK an 'over-actor'

6 years ago

Even though he might address superstar Shah Rukh Khan as his younger brother and refrain from using harsh words in public, it seems that Salman Khan has still not forgiven his bête noir.

According to media reports, Salman hit out at his director of an ad shoot, suggesting him to rope in Shah Rukh if he wanted the lead actor to ‘over-act’. The reports have created a stir in the tinsel town, thereby threatening to spoil the efforts of some common friends trying to bring out a truce between the two.

While shooting an advertisement with TV actress Aamna Sharif, the 47-year-old actor got miffed when the director asked him to walk up to her.


“Agar walk karana hai toh kisi model to bula lete (You should have asked a model instead to shoot, if you wanted the actor to walk),” he was reported to have said.


When the director asked him to shoot the sequence again, ‘Dabangg’ Salman retorted saying,” Agar acting hi karani hai toh Hrithik ko le lete aur agar over acting karani hai toh Shah Rukh ko le lete ( To make someone act call Hrithik and rope in Shah Rukh if you want over-acting). Following this, he stormed out of the sets.


As per the sequence of events, it is clear that our Chulbul Pandey is not a ‘bulbul’ at heart when it comes to ‘King Khan’ till now. Especially when the news circles were abuzz with tales about the two superstars ending the animosity through a hug during the premiere of recently released ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’.

Salman and Shah Rukh had a verbal showdown during actress Katrina Kaif’s birthday party in July 2008. Since then, the two actors have left no stone unturned to avoid facing each other in public. The feud has indeed spilt the tinsel town into two factions, with each camp being looked with extreme anticipation by everyone.


While  Hrithik would be all smiles for him being rated highly for his acting, it seems that King Khan will have to brush up his acting skills a little bit more. We wish SRK good luck in his future endeavours.

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