Salman-Kat in a fight mode again

7 years ago

It wasn’t too late for Salman Khan and Karina Kaif reunited after a long time to shower their glamour on the silver screen under Kabir Khan’s “Ek Tha Tiger”, that the duo are again in the wrestling mode.


It’s Bankok where the final shots for the movie are being captured and it seems the venue might turn out the final destination for Kat-Salman together as the sets turned into a hot platform for their clash, giving a worrisome to the Director Kabir khan.


It was known that after giving a shot the duo went into the vanity van which in a moment became a loud speaker turning the other workers present on the sets into a tense position. Though the buzz went down soon but both never looked same as were earlier during the shoots.


The basis found was Salman’s annoyance with Katrina’s outwearing which was short and quiet exposing. Being a protective and possessive friend the Actor objected Kat for wearing them but the issue became massive when it turned into a debate.


While outwear was outlined by the dress designer according to the scene, Katrina has no role in deciding its code.


Well what all we expected for the duo was they could end up with the happy ending, has now turned the venue for the sad ending of the relation.


However, the flick is scheduled to hit the theatres on the festive season of Eid this year.


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