Salman Khan is impressed by Parineeta Chopra

7 years ago

Arjun Kapoor is on the top of the sky after Salman Khan likes the trailers of Ishaqzaade, the first time screening of the new couple Arjun and Parineeta Chopra.


Salman likes the tralers of Ishaqzaade and the actress Parineeta Chopra.All time on guards actor Salman if has praised someone that means its worth it! feels Arjun Kapoor.


Aware of the fact that Arjun with whom some unresolved issues still pop-up,Salman could not resist praising the newbie actors.


Proclaiming that Salman Khan has been his inspiration and it was only Salman who had mentored chubby Arjun in making his physique as it looks presently.


Arjun goes gaga with the songs of praise for his mentor Salman after their mutual appreciation.

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