Salman Khan returns as larger than life hero in 'Dabangg 2': Arbaaz Khan

6 years ago

Actor-producer Arbaaz Khan, who is making his directorial debut with "Dabangg 2", says he has recreated Salman Khan's larger than life persona for the 2010 action film's sequel in order to relate with the audience.

Arbaaz said the heroism of Salman has stayed on with the audience and is remembered the most.

"There is everything in the film that audience would expect from their 'Dabangg' hero. The film by itself has a larger than life setting while Salman too would be seen as a larger than life character. You would see heroism and all that is Chulbul Pandey's trait," Arbaaz told PTI.

This particular image of Salman developed with "Wanted" and has been the mantra for his success in subsequent films like "Ready", "Bodyguard" and "Ek Tha Tiger".

Arbaaz, 45, who is currently shooting the film in Kanpur, says writing the script of "Dabangg 2" was a huge task because the first film has already set up the narrative for its sequel.

"The film's basic construction is already in place and we have further built upon that. We know that people are going to expect something spectacular from the film and hence a lot of thought went into the script before the shooting began.

"It is as simple as that, if I am a fan of 'Dabangg' then there are certain elements that I would like to see. So what you see in 'Dabangg 2' is basically a reflection of what I would have liked to see in the film's sequel," he said.

The new series will see Chulbul Pandey (played by Salman) moving to a different space and city and finding himself in the midst of much larger conflicts and confrontations.

Arbaaz says he was cautious of not bringing too many changes in the characterisation because most of them have become iconic in their own ways.

"I have to be true to my earlier film and character. I cannot go around making changes just for the sake of it. In terms of the film's look, feel, ambience and essence of the character, we are going as per 'Dabangg'. However situations and scenarios have definitely changed, hence leading to a new story," he added.

With Sonakshi Sinha opposite Salman, Prakash Raj as the villain and Arbaaz himself also featuring in it, "Dabangg 2" is set to hit the theatres on December 21. PTI

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