Sanjay Khan turns 71 today

7 years ago

Sanjay khan, an actor, director, producer, has enrolled himself suitably in all the three department, commencing his streak as an Actor in Chetan Anand's "Haqeeqat" in 1964 followed by the Rajshri film 'Dosti" it wasn't difficult to judge Khan's modes to vary in future.


After working in three flicks opposite to his brother Feroz, in Upasna, Mela and Nagin respectively, Khan soon turned himself to be a producer and Director in three movies namely Chandi Sona, Abdullah and Kala Dhanda gore Log in 1977, 1980 and 1986 respectively which were also contributed by his act.


After Kala Danda Goray Log he stopped acting in films and moved onto starring in and directing television series. In 1990 he starred and directed the Indian TV series The Sword of Tipu Sultan. While filming in 1989, he got severely burnt in a fire on the sets in Premier Studios in Mysore. He recovered after many months in hospital and has since produced and directed television serials.   

He also directed the Mega Indian TV series, based on life of Maratha General Mahadji Shinde called, "The Great Maratha". In the late 90s he directed the TV-series Jai Hanuman in 1997. In the new millennium, he directed a mini series called Maha Kavya Mahabharat and a movie starring Jessica Chapnik called Maryada Purushottam in 2005.

  Apart from movies Sanjay Khan's interest varies in cars also, especially passionate about the imported ones.


Khan is married to Zarine Khan, a Parsi and former Zoroastrian. He has three daughters and a son. Elder daughter Farah married to DJ Aqeel, second daughter Simone married to Ajay Arora and his youngest daughter Suzanne Khan married to actor Hrithik Roshan. His son Zayed Khan is an actor who is married to Mallika Parekh.

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