SC quashes suspension of Salman Khan’s conviction

4 years ago

New Delhi: In a major setback for Salman Khan, the Supreme Court has sets aside suspension of his sentence in poaching case.The SC order has quashed Rajasthan High Court order suspending his conviction in a 1998 poaching case. The Rajasthan government challenged the High Court’s order suspending the actor’s conviction.Salman had appealed for suspension of conviction to allow him to travel abroad.In 2013, the Rajasthan High Court suspended the conviction to allow the actor to travel to the UK to shoot for a film.Salman was denied entry to UK as under British immigration rules, a person convicted and sentenced to more than a four-year term in prison is not eligible for a visa to the country.Salman is accused of killing two chinkara deer and a blackbuck – both animals are protected and killing them is a punishable offence.

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