Schwarzenegger clicked kissing new girlfriend

5 years ago

 Los Angeles: Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted kissing his new girlfriend Heather Milligan after a romantic dinner in Santa Monica.The couple, who have been dating from quite a sometime, arrived separately for the dinner but before leaving, the actor slipped into Milligan’s car to give her a goodbye kiss, reported TMZ.Heather is reportedly a physical therapist in Southern California, and her client list includes many top NFL players and other athletes.


The Terminator star was married to Maria Shriver, but they filed for divorce last year to end their 25-year marriage after it emerged that Schwarzenegger had fathered a child with his housekeeper.


The 66-year-old was photographed kissing  Milligan Sep 20 after a romantic dinner at Fig Restaurant in Fairmont Hotel, Santa Monica, reports



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