Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift friends again

4 years ago

Los Angeles: Singers Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have reconciled and are friends again.

The duo renewed their friendship at Met Gala, May 5. And according to sources, Gomez has "totally forgiven" Swift for not supporting her decision to date troubled singer Justin Bieber, reports

"Selena now fully understands why Taylor was being so protective of her when she got back together with Bieber, and both girls are so ready to put the past behind them," said a source.

"Selena was the one who initiated the reunion with Taylor at the Met Gala. She contacted Taylor before the event and told her how excited she was to see her. She has totally forgiven Taylor for not wanting her to date Justin," added the source.

Another source said: "Taylor has a unique way of cheering Selena up, because she knows her so well and really does look out for her."     IANS

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