Shakira saved from sea lion attack

7 years ago

Columbian pop sensation Shakira was saved by her brother from a terrifying sea lion attack as she tried to take photos of the animal and it mistook her phone for a fish.


The 35-year-old, who had been with a tour group, said her brother Tony saved her life by jumping in front of her and helping her get away from the animal, reported Daily mail online.


"Everyone there screamed, including me. I was paralyzed by fear and couldn't move, I just kept eye contact with it while my brother "Super Tony" jumped over me and literally saved my life, taking me away from the beast.

"We both got our hands and legs scratched by the rocks  while trying to protect ourselves. I believe what happened is that it confused the shiny reflection of the blackberry I was taking these pics with, with some sort of fish. It probably thought I was teasing it with food and then taking it away from it," she said. PTI 

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