Shanghai song under controversy

7 years ago

Flick “Shanghai” directed by Dibaker Bannerjee was nevertheless in the limelite beforehand and is now under the huddle of some more new controversies. The flick was criticized for its intimate scenes but moreover now is condemned for a song starring “Bolo Bharat Mata Ki Jai”, creating a space for the BJP’s cultural unit to preserve their heat.


BJP considers this song as an insult of the motherland and its culture, as the lyrics of the melody has aroused numerous backdrop of the country which is non-manageable.


The President of BJP’s cultural unit Amarjit Mishra in his strong tone opposed the song, and wrote a letter to the Censor Board requesting to eliminate the track.


Mishra terms the presentation style of the song as intrusive and objectionable and claimed that motherland is not a source of entertainment. It could be recalled that song is picturised in Shanghai with Emraan Hashmi who looks like a “Tapori”.


Well whatever be the criticism the flick will have a favorable influence as always has been with the other movies and will fetch more viewers.

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