Shekhar Kapur, A R Rahman unite to launch social media platform

6 years ago

Mumbai: Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur and music icon A R Rahman yesterday launched a social media platform, Qyuki Digital Media Pvt Ltd, to engage Indian youth emotionally and offer them a journey of creative self-discovery and identity while showcasing new media premiere content.

At Qyuki, youngsters will come together to experience and co-create differentiated content with the experts and have an opportunity to interact and learn from creative communities with a potential of themselves becoming brands of the future.

"At Qyuki, we are creating a world of opportunity, where it doesn't matter where you come from, but what matters is your creativity and the meaning one can derive from it. It's a world where people can learn from established domain experts, showcase their creativity and connect with like-minded people," co-founder Kapur said.

Rahman said Qyuki will help the youth to creatively explore themselves, open the window for creativity that exists in all corners of India and is a first step to trigger the imagination of Indian minds.

Qyuki would be active and focussed in driving creative expression of all art forms. The platform will emerge as a strong medium that will enable Indian youth to follow their creative instinct. PTI

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