Sherlyn asked to stay mum about Playboy release date

6 years ago

Sherlyn Chopra has been asked to keep her mouth shut by the editors of the American magazine ' Playboy', it has been revealed.


The diva, who is the first Indian woman to feature on the cover of the magazine, has been instructed to keep "mum" about the release date of the magazine, which has already been "delayed." The issue with Chopra on the cover was earlier announced to hit the stores by November, but it did not happen.


Many of her anxious fans recently took to Twitter to ask the bombshell as to when the issue is coming out. "Ya'll ask me each day about the release date of my PLAYBOY Cover. I truly wish I could reveal it to you. I've been asked to keep mum about it," the 28-year-old model tweeted in reply. "PLAYBOY has super grand plans pertaining to the unveiling of my cover. Uncommon Chutzpah shall soon be served with Phenomenal Excellence," she tweeted, as she asked her fans to have patience.

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