Shilpa Shetty in a cover up act

7 years ago

The happiest feeling for the lady is to be a mother. Certainly it is for  Shilpa Shetty too but what should we term if she is being so conversative about the baby in her belly, that almost a covering up act is performed by her.  

Expecting mother Shilpa Shetty was spotted at an event at Shanmukhananda Hall, Matunga, on Wednesday doing the covering up act.


The actress, who has confirmed that she was in the family way, came solo for the function.

  Onlookers at the event could clearly see that the star did not want her pregnant belly to be visible.


Like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, she preferred to step out in a loose, flowing kurta. She also kept on pulling her dupatta to hide her baby bump.


"The way she kept on tugging the dupatta throughout the event made it clear that she wanted to conceal her tiny bump," said an onlooker. Shilpa wed businessman Raj Kundra in November 2009. And soon the happy news wwll be alarmed all the way.

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