Show respect and regard to artists: Big B

7 years ago

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan says he feels sad when he sees people not respecting artists, especially at cultural performances.


The 69-year-old had recently expressed his desire to learn musical instruments including sarod and sitar.


"I see many a moment when the professionals play at gatherings. They come to exhibit their artistry, not to be a replacement for piped music at a lavish wedding or a party. It is most disrespectful when I see that happening. I cringe. "I almost feel like reprimanding the guests, but do not. I would rather wish that the artists wind up their instruments and leave. Years and years of 'tapasya' for this? No that does not impress me. Allow them to sink into their gift and give an opportunity to be a part of that emotion."



Bachchan said it was painful to watch artists performing  with dedication even when the public did not pay attention to their craft. "They look for appreciation, search for that one individual that shall show admiration of their craft but alas it never comes.. circumstances lead them to continue.. others with greater self respect and dignity, stop, announce their intent and either get the interest or leave. I would applaud such an occurrence."


Bachchan recalled how director Manmohan Desai, who gave the actor some of the biggest hits of his career, would get angry if people did not pay proper attention. "Man Mohan Desai, would never go to the theatre or movie hall where his film was running. Not because he did not want to but it was compelled upon him by his staff and assistants. For when during the projection of his film if he noticed anyone talking or moving out of the hall, he would get up and tell the gentleman in a most ungentlemanly manner to either shut up or sit down and not leave!! Such was his protective passion for his work.


"I loved him on many other counts, but his this attitude was the best," Bachchan added. PTI


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