Snooki wants healthy, fit pregnancy

5 years ago

Los Angeles: Reality TV star Snooki is planning on having a very healthy second pregnancy.


The 26-year-old former 'Jersey Shore' star, who's pregnant with her second child, said she will work out every day until she gives birth, reported E!Online.


"I love working out. Just because I want to have a healthy, fit pregnancy, but also I'm getting married really close to when I give birth. So I want to be able to squeeze in my dress and not look like a hippo," she said.


Snooki says her second pregnancy is "both" harder and easier than her first, but staying healthy is certainly helping.


"It's definitely harder because I think the symptoms, I feel, are worse. But it's easier because I'm working out, so I'm in a better mood and I'm more active. The first time I was just a fat ass. I'm trying to do it different this time."     PTI

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