Still on cordial terms with Dimpy: Rahul Mahajan

4 years ago

Mumbai:Rahul Mahajan, who is currently under the same roof as his estranged wife Dimpy in the "Bigg Boss Halla Bol" house, says their relationship is "cordial", and that he's looking forward to bringing entertainment in the reality show.Dimpy is part of the five 'champions' of "Bigg Boss 8", who are now competing with 'challengers' - some select contestants from the show's past seasons. Before entering "Bigg Boss Halla Bol" last week, 'challenger' Rahul spoke about what to expect from him this time from his stint in the show.Excerpts:Q. As a challenger, what special challenges do you see inside "Bigg Boss" house?A. The challenges are for me, not for the other contestants. I think after my performance in the earlier season of "Bigg Boss", people have a lot of expectations from me. I've to live up to those expectations. The challenge, therefore, is to myself.Q. Surely you'll have to conduct yourself in a different manner this time as compared with the previous occasion, or else your performance would look like a repeat?A. That is inevitable. My life has changed so much since I went into "Bigg Boss" the last time. As long as I am honest and I don't try to win votes by lying, I am sure I'll do well for myself. I cannot pretend. I can only be myself. Every reality show, I've been myself only.Q. An added incentive this time is that your wife Dimpy is also inside "Bigg Boss"?A. Yes. she is inside. But we're not together anymore. But we're still on cordial terms. I am looking forward to meeting everyone, whether it is Dimpy, Gautam Gulati or Ali Quli Mirza. They are my friends. Let's see how it goes.Q. What is your take on the contestants this time?A. They didn't provide enough entertainment, so we challengers had to be brought in...We've been brought in because "Bigg Boss" needed old contestants to liven up things. I'll rub this point in when I go inside.Q. Have you planned a strategy?A. The advantage that we challengers have is that we're not tired. We are fresh horses in a race where the others have been around for a while and are exhausted. We five challengers have seen the other contestants from the outside. We know what they're all about. They don't know what we're all about. We are raring to while they are counting the days before they can come out.We are in this to liven up things.IANS

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