Story of Kahani inspires Vidhya for motherhood

7 years ago

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Bollywood diva Vidhya Balan does not mind being labeled as replica of Aamir Khan as she also goes all out to market her films as she did in the case of Dirty Picture, Ishqiya, and now Kahaani. “ While I do not know Aamir Khan personally, I know that he uses different strategies to promote his films. Admittedly, I am inspired by him,” confesses Vidhya Balan in an exclusive interview with Ms. Anurradha Prasad, Editor-in-Chief of News 24 channel, for her weekly show ‘ Aamne-Samne’.

 Vidhya Balan was recently promoting ‘ Kahaani ’ in which she is doing the role of a lady who is on her family way. “ The story of Kahaani is really scary as a lady on  her family way is searching her missing husband. The very thought of this scenario is frightening. That is the time in the life of every lady when she becomes like Durga.”

‘ Are you consciously following the footsteps of Amir Khan ?‘ Riding on the stunning success of her recent hit film ‘Dirty Picture’, Vidhya Balan said, “ It is honour that my name is clubbed with Aamir Khan. I also give hundred per cent in my movies. Later, I promote my films very vigorously. ”

‘ Did you hear the rumors that even the famous Khan trio of Bollywood is feeling scared of your growing stature …?’ “ While it may sound very flattering, but Khan trio have achieved so much that I can not think of being clubbed in their big league,” Vidhya Balan told us in all the humility.

Replying to another question, Vidhya Balan expressed her deep desire to work with Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir, adding “ Who would not like to work with them. It is an honour. Hopefully, we will find some good powerful script sooner rather than later.” 

‘ What is your thoughts on motherhood given the fact that the story of Kaahani is all about a pregnant lady…?’ With her stunning smile, Vidhya reveals that she is waiting to become mother of her own kids though she is not ready to marry for one or two years.

A thinking and very intense Vidhya Balan is deeply religious though she is no longer visit temples very often. “ Well, I do not visit temples very often now as  I know that God is everywhere. I think as I am evolving spiritually I am thinking this way,” Vidhya Balan, who loves do different roles in films.


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