Sunil Shetty got emotional

7 years ago

How could an actor judje his biggest fan, its tough but not for Sunil Shetty, as he found one. Suniel Shetty was shooting for a song at the Filmistan Studios for Afra Tafri along with Mughda Godse and Aarya Babbar. The shoot was brought to a halt when Anna's fan Jaswant Singh Rathod walked in carrying a huge album. Jaswant who is from Ludhiana has been collecting details on Sinil Shetty from 1997 and finally managed to meet the star. The entire unit gathered around Anna and his fan to see the massive album. Suniel got so emotional that he wanted to take the album home to show his kids what extent a fan can go for his hero. Jaswant Singh Rathod is a comedian, and had also participated in numerous comedy serials namely his debut in "laughter Challenge" and "comedy Circus", and is acclaimed for his act of imitating Sunil Sheety.

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