Sunny moving out of comfort zone for "Bhaiyaaji"

7 years ago

 Director Neeraj Pathak, who is reuniting with Sunny Deol in "Bhaiyaaji Superhit", said the actor is working extremely hard to reinvent himself for the comic action film.


Neeraj, who made his directorial debut with "Right Yaaa Wrong" starring Sunny, said the 55-year-old actor is playing the double role of a 'desi' don and a Punjabi actor from Canada.



"I was going through a lot of story ideas before pitching the right one to Sunny. He liked the idea of 'Bhaiyaaji Superhit'. This is a completely different genre and setting for him as well as me. Both of us are moving out of our comfort zones for the film," Neeraj told PTI.



Initially, the first draft of the script started with a single character and there was no double role angle but Neeraj said that bit came in as an after thought. "To begin with, there was no double role angle to it. On further brainstorming we thought why don't we go ahead and make this a double role? Sunny liked this as well and asked me to develop it further," Neeraj said. The director, who wrote the screenplay of "Apne" starring Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby, said his association with Sunny is more personal than professional.



"We share a great bond. I love him as a person while he takes care of me as a younger brother and friend. I have all relationships included in just one relationship, be it as a friend or a mentor. 

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