Suraj Sharma misses 'Life of Pi' for exams

6 years ago

Delhi boy Suraj Sharma, who made his acting debut with Ang Lee's 'Life of Pi', is not being able to promote the film and attend premieres because of his college exams.

The movie which made its Asia premiere at the International Film Festival of India in Goa last night, is also having its premiere in the US today.

It hits the Indian screens on November 23.

Suraj plays protagonist Pi in the movie, which is based on Yann Martel's novel of the same name.

"He is writing his college exams so could not be here," casting director of the film, Avy Kaufman told PTI.

Kaufman said she was sure about Suraj playing Pi when she first saw him.

 "I auditioned more than 3000 boys for Suraj's role and I could tell he understood who Pi was. I didn't have a doubt, I knew he would be able to tell the story that needs to be told," Kaufman said.

Rest of the cast including Tabu and Irrfan Khan were present for the premiere.

Kaufman says Tabu, who plays Pi's mother in the film, and Irrfan, the older Pi, were first choice.

"I did my research and Irrfan and Tabu are the only two people whom I introduced to Ang Lee and I didn't audition for those two roles," she added.

The film was screed at IFFI to a packed house. Director Ang Lee wasn't present as he is promoting the film in New York. PTI

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