'The Crazy Ones' cancellation 'devastated' Robin Williams

5 years ago

Los Angeles: When TV show "The Crazy Ones" was cancelled after one season, the late Robin Williams, who hanged himself at his home earlier this week, was reportedly left "devastated". The news that the show wasn't going to return for another season was a setback to the actor, who is said to have been in deep depression before committing suicide. Tmz.com reports that according to sources, who frequently interacted with Williams during the last month of his life, Williams viewed the cancellation as a "personal failure". As Williams put it to one person just before the show debuted: "My face is all over town (on billboards) and it's all on my back." So, it was no wonder that the cancellation left him upset. "It hit him hard," said one source, adding that this was the reason why the iconic actor entered the Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center last month. Also, he was increasingly depressed that he was older, and good roles for him were few and far between, shared another source. IANS

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