'The World Before Her' is not about RSS: Anurag Kashyap

5 years ago

Mumbai: Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, who is presenting a documentary 'The World Before Her' directed by Nisha Pahuja, says the film is not about RSS and deserves a wider audience.


'The World Before Her' explores the complex and conflicting environment for young girls in India by profiling two young women participating in two very different types of training camps - Ruhi Singh, who aspires to become Miss India, and Prachi Trivedi, a militant Hindu nationalist with the Durga Vahini, the women's wing of the militant fundamentalist movement.


When Anurag saw the film he loved it and when he learnt that nobody wants to release it in India that is when he thought of presenting it.


"The film is not about RSS it has nothing to do with it. Rather it is about these two girls who are telling their story and what they chose to do and how they want to live life with dignity. If the exhibitor feels that by adding my name to the film people will come to see it, I am ok with it. I don't have problem with it," Anurag said in an interview here.


"I feel this film should be seen by a wider audience. There is so much that the film says and it is important that should be seen across the country. I think it is one of the most important films to come out of India," he said.


Anurag, who is the presenter of the film, hopes the film reaches out to more people.


"If I had the money I would have produced short films. When I became a part of a documentary like this I have no stake in it, I don't get anything the filmmaker earns money. I have done this all my life some people think it is stupid and some don't," he said.


Anurag is also called as the poster boy for struggling films as he pushes them and ensures that it get released.


"The poster boy thing is in people's mind it is their perception. I would have been the same person even if I was not the poster boy or even if the poster was torn. I came to know about 'Shaitan' not getting released because Kalki Koechlin (his wife) was acting in it," he said.


"After one and half year director Bejoy Nambiar came to me and told the film is not getting released I stepped in and helped in whatever I could. I feel small films have smaller audience and they are made in that limited budget. I don't think there is any single filmmaker who doesn't want to reach to wider audience everyone wants to, we all try for it," he added.


The documentary 'The World Before Her' has won awards at several international film festivals. It is now apparently schedule to hit Indian theatres on June 6.   PTI

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