Tom Cruise better than most stunt men

6 years ago

Los Angeles: Stunt coordinator Rob Alonzo, who worked with Tom Cruise in 'Jack Reacher', believes the star is better than most professional stunt men in Hollywood.



The 50-year-old actor is famous for doing his own stunts in his action movies and Alonzo said Cruise is more competent than most professionals, reported Ace Showbiz.


"Tom is so well rounded, he's better than most stunt men. He's an incredible driver, an incredible fighter and stunt performer. He flies planes, he knows how to ride horses, he rides motorcycles, so any director would be lucky to have a guy like that because they can keep the camera on him the whole time and it's more engaging," Alonzo said.



He also revealed that Cruise insisted on doing his own stunts because he wants the best movie going experience possible for the audience.



"Tom does his own stunts on everything, he won't allow a stunt man to do it for him, primarily because he knows that the audience is smart. That type of commitment and dedication is incredible. With Tom, we design the action to fit what he can do and that's why it looks so great," he added. PTI

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