Veena had to lose 9 kgs for 'Supermodel'

6 years ago

Actress Veena Malik says she had to let go of some of her favourite food items to cut down almost 9 kgs to fit into her role in the upcoming film "Supermodel".

"I had to work hard to fit into the character. When my producer and director Navin Batra came to sign me, they said that 'Veena-ji, you need to cut down your weight to 47 kgs'. I was 56 kgs at that time. So to be a supermodel, I had to let go of food," Veena said here at the music launch of the film.

"Then of course, to get into the character's emotional ups and downs while acting... that was there. I wanted to make it look very real on screen," she added.

"Supermodel" also stars Ashmit Patel and hits theatres Sep 27.




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