VIDEO - When a beggar girl asked for food from Aryan Khan, Shah Rukh's son

Aug. 7, 2018, 4:27 p.m.

New Delhi, August 7, News24 Bureau: Like father like son. Just like his super-starfather Shah Rukh Khan, who is known to be standing up for noble causes and always forthcoming in helping the needy, his son Aryan Khan also is a kind-hearted youth.In an interview earlier King Khan had expressed his desire that he wanted his children to be kind-hearted and full of juice of human kindness as individuals. Able and handsome son Aryan Khan certainly shows that he has taken all the right measures to ensure that he treads the path shown by his father.  A video is going viral on social media in which SRK's son is seen helping a beggar.

Shah Rukh-Gauri's son Aryan Khan was spotted at Bandra Restaurant with friends on the occasion of Friendship Day. When he was coming out of the restaurant a beggar came up to him and asked for money. An emotional Khan was seen talking to her and trying to understand her point of view. SO touched was the beggar that she was seen following his car even after Aryan left.Was History repeating itself? On an earlier occasion a couple of years back, when Shahrukh was stepping out of a restaurant a beggar came up to him and asked for food. SRK asked one of his crew members to feed him and fondly touched his head. And exactly same set of events was happening after a gap of a couple of years.  That is why we say, like father like son.