Vidya Balan poses as Mother India

6 years ago

Mumbai: Actress Vidya Balan, who has posed as veteran actress Nargis from Mother India for a magazine, says no one would ever dare to remake the classic.


Vidya posed as Mother India on the cover of Cine Blitz magazine to celebrate 100 years of Indian cinema. She unveiled the cover of the magazine over the weekend.


"I don’t think anyone would dare to remake Mother India. It is unachievable. And whoever does it I will salute him," Vidya told reporters.


"When you think of a strong woman of Indian cinema the one name that comes to your mind is Nargis from Mother India. I am happy that in some or the other way I was able to pay tribute to the film," she said. During the photo shoot, the national award winning actress was not nervous as her focus was on looking perfect.


"I think I was trying to keep it original and match up to the original photos," said Vidya.

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