Vidya Balan wants to do film based on Munmun Ghosh's 'Unhooked'

6 years ago

Actress Vidya Balan, who is known for her unconventional roles, says she identifies with author Munmun Ghosh's novel and would love to do a film based on the book.  

Balan, however, said that her involvement in any film based on the novel would depend on who made it and how it was interpreted.

  Launching the book here, the 34-year-old actress said that this was the first novel she had read in three years due to her busy schedule.

"In a certain sense, I identified with the book. Not just through my personal experiences, but with what I have watched of people around me, especially girls in the media and the metros, whom I interact with all  the time," Balan said.  

 The novel is the story of three single career woman, their varied relationships with men and their quest for personal and professional fulfilment.

  "There is so much pressure today on girls to have boyfriends. People look at you as if you are diseased if you don't have one. And you are made to feel depressed on special days. I have gone through it too," Balan added.  

 The actress, who has wowed the audience with her bold acting in 'The Dirty Picture' and gritty role in 'Kahaani', also said that there is a huge amount of social pressures on the lives of single people.

  "I think the pressure to be a couple pushes so many people into wrong relationships. And that is the reason so many relationships are breaking today.  "I was single for a long time and was asked about it. I would say I enjoy being single. Also maybe because I led a full professional life, I didn't feel the pressure much. One must be free to choose," she said.

Author said she had sent an SMS to Balan for launching 'Unhooked', which had been published in June following a friend's advice that she would be the best person to launch the book.  

Munmun's first book 'Hushed Voices' was published in 2007 had delved into the lives of marginalised classes in Mumbai. PTI

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