Vidyut-Mona split over MMS clip

6 years ago

News from the Bollywood circles have been talking about the break-up of telly starlet Mona Singh and ‘Commando’ star Vidyut Jamwal over the infamous MMS clip, alleged to be that of Mona. While the exact reason for their split is unkown at this moment, speculations are rife that the bone of contention may have the infamous MMS clip that surfaced on the internet a few weeks ago featuring the nude clip of a woman allegedly resembling Mona Singh’s face. It may be noted that television actress Mona, who is currently seen in a famous television show ‘Kya hua tera vaada’ on Sony channel, did not even attend the movie premiere of ‘Commando’, considered to be the launch vehicle of Jamwal as a lead hero. While action star Vidyut has been busy promoting his latest movie ‘Commando’ over the past few days, Mona has been lying low over this period.

From a fairy-tale love setting that everyone thought would lead to the culmination of marriage, it seems that everything has been settled into dust for now, it seems.

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