Want 'Ishkq In Paris' to work for Preity: director Prem Raj

6 years ago

Director Prem Raj says he wants his second film "Ishkq In Paris" to work because a lot is at stake for him and for actor-turned-producer Preity Zinta.

Raj and the 37-year-old actress met on the sets of Salman Khan-Kareena Kapoor starrer "Main Aurr Mrs Khanna", in which Zinta did an item number.

The director said that he wants to ensure that Zinta's gamble on him pays for her.

"If Preity has chosen me in the whole industry to direct her maiden production, it is good enough for me. Both of us are well aware of the stakes that we have put into 'Ishkq In Paris'. I now just want to prove that the gamble she has taken works for her. Also, I have to prove myself now with this opportunity," Raj told PTI.

"Main Aurr Mrs Khanna" did not do well commercially and Raj said that he went a little too experimental in his debut outing.

"I want to be cognizant of the fact that my film didn't do good business. Fair enough, I consider that as learning. I have to now move on and make a better movie. I have given 'Ishkq In Paris' all that I have," he said.

The filmmaker says with "Ishkq In Paris", he has blended creativity into a more conventional way of filmmaking and is far more aware today of what goes into making a commercially successful film.

"After 'Main Aurr Mrs Khanna' I had to figure out my life and contemplate hard about the kind of movie that I had to make. When I look back, 'Ishkq In Paris' has been just the right decision," he added.

The film would be arriving around the same time with Sridevi's "English Vinglish" and would be followed by Rani Mukerjee's "Aiyya".

"Ishkq In Paris" is being pitched as a three way battle between heroine centric films with Zinta announcing a comeback.

"I don't quite look at Preity making any comeback perse. She is a big star and had perhaps gone slow in choosing her films. I am not burdening myself with the thought that I am responsible for her comeback, I am just plain happy that she is on board," Raj said.

"Ishkq In Paris" also stars Rhehan Malliek in lead along with French actress Isabelle Adjani in a special role and Salman Khan in a cameo. The film will hit theatres on October. 5. PTI

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