What made Jaya Bachchan angry once again?

4 years ago

Raman Kumar for E24New Delhi: She has been known for her temper over the years. She has had quite a few run-ins with the media because of her famous temper.But this time it was something else that made Jaya Bachchan`s blood boil. Jaya has been a member of the parliament for a long time.But she is yet to get a house as a parliamentarian. On Thursday, the actress met the chairman of the Rajya Sabha housing committee on gate number 12 of the Parliament House.On meeting the housing committee chairman, Jaya expressed her desire for a house with a lawn. On hearing her wish, the chairman said that why does she want a new house with a lawn when she already has a lawn in her existing house?An angry Jaya was not very impressed with this query and told the chairman to come with her to see if she has a lawn in her existing house or not. Looking at the sensitivity of the situation, the chairman told Jaya that he will meet her when he finds a house with a lawn for her.He left the place, perhaps a little perturbed by Jaya`s anger. Now it remains to be seen that how quickly Jaya gets a new house of her choice. 

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