When AB met Spielberg

6 years ago
Mumbai: What happens when two legends from the field of cinema meet? Their talks revolve around their common interest, films. Something similar happened when Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan met Hollywood great Steven Spielberg at a party hosted by Anil and Tina Ambani in Mumbai on Monday night. Big B gave a detailed account of his meeting with Spielberg on his blog, where he referred to Spielberg as an "institution”.
"An evening with an institution... an evening spent in conversation in the presence of select fraternity and press... an evening of sharing cinema with the prolific maker, inventor, story teller, innovator and one who continues to surprise us with his genius," the 70-year-old posted on his blog srbachchan.tumblr.com.
Amitabh is particularly in awe of Spielberg's E.T. Extra Terrestrial, which he feels was endearing.
Spielberg, who is in India to celebrate the success of his Oscar-winning film Lincoln, interacted with as many as 61 personalities from Indian cinema and shared tips on filmmaking on Monday.
Expressing his views on the new trend where Hollywood studios are collaborating with Indian production houses, Big B wrote, "The interest in the US and in particular Hollywood in holding hands with entertainment companies in India, because you felt that the world was 'diminishing in size? due to the ease of communication, and that the idea really was to bring communities closer, build bridges of understanding and sharing, because impressions, thoughts were now instant, thanks to the internet and its various social networking programmes.”
He further wrote, "My own argument on the subject though was somewhat different; that ever since the opening up of the economy in India, the sheer volume of the demographics of the region, 1.2 billion, or every 6.3rd person in the universe being an Indian, was too attractive a consumer base to ignore!”

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