When Big B made a back door entry at home

7 years ago

Hundreds turn up to catch a glimpse of Amitabh Bachchan outside his Mumbai home Jalsa every Sunday, but the crowd was so huge on New Year's Day that the megastar found it difficult to enter his own home.



The 69-year-old actor was returning with his family from his other house Prateeksha when the huge crowd caused a traffic jam outside Jalsa and Bachchan had to make a back door entry.



"The family returns from Prateeksha after the Pooja and every car that goes in is received with shouts of recognition... in fact I have slipped in from the back because the traffic has jammed and I am finding it difficult to enter my own home," Bachchan wrote on his blog.



He was also joined by his son Abhishek in greeting the fans who had gathered outside. Alongwith photos of the growing crowd, Big B also posted one of a sadhu (renunciate) who was among them, saying, "Seeking celestial presence... wish I could be free someday to get to grow such beard, wear the 'tilak' and the scarce clothing... become saintly... visit the snow capped mountains... live in silent contemplation..." PTI 

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