When KRK tried to gatecrash HNY premiere

4 years ago

When KRK tried to gatecrash HNY premiere It's Controversial By Miss Dhinchak The ever-so-controversial actor Kamaal R Khan is at it again! This time around he had a new target - Shah Rukh Khan's latest flick Happy New Year. According to Miss Dhinchak, KRK along with five others allegedly tried to gatecrash the premiere of Happy New Year in Dubai. A scuffle was also broke out between the security guards and KRK, who was an uninvited guest to the event. The self-proclaimed "superstar" allegedly tried to enter the event's venue, but was turned away. This is not the first time he is embroiled in a one-sided feud. Earlier the actor had vented his ire on various celebrities that include comedians Kapil Sharma, Ali Asgar and others.   Hrithik, Sussanne’s ‘ignore game’ As the day of final hearing of Hrithik and Sussanne’s divorce case is nearing, it seems the couple is trying to avoid facing each other. Recently, Sussanne celebrated her birthday in Goa with family and kids Hrehaan and Hridaan. Hrithik had also promised his kids to be with them in Goa. But the day Hrithik was supposed to join his kids, Sussane left for Mumbai a few hours earlier with sister Farah Ali Khan. Sussanne’s brother Zayed Khan took care of the kids till papa Hrithik joined them.  Kalki feeling heat of separation with Anurag! After separation with director Anurag Kashyap, actress Kalki Kochlin is feeling the heat of being single. According to reports, Kalki is finding it difficult to find a flat at Versova in Mumbai as landlords are not willing to rent out their flats to single ladies. Kalki's lease at her present place is about to expire soon and so she is on a house hunting now. Before separation, the actress used to live with Anurag at Versova and she is now looking for a house in the same place. (The writer of this story Amir Haideri can be reached at [email protected])

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