Will perform if offer is equvalent to Bungalow

7 years ago

So the "Chinki Chameli" is planning to perform a dance number at new year's eve in London but on her own conditions. It seems a bit greedy for Katrina to be offered a humangous amount for the performance in order to buy a new Banglow at London, despite she already has one.



Before the Actress flew to the British capital, she offered her reasons for consistently turning down dancing offers, for she is getting numerous offers to perform at a five star hotel but the price she is presented is not upto the mark, or it must be equavalent for couple of films or dazzling bungalow at London.



Money and hits (Chikni Chameli and Sheila Ki Jawani) aside, the lure of spending time with family is overbearing, for the Actress feels that Christmas and New year are such an occasons where the family and collegues meet together after a long duration, and such expensive moments couldn't be sacrificed for a dance number at a london five star hotel.

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