Will try level best to ensure clemency for Sanjay: Priya Dutt

6 years ago

Congress MP and Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt’s sister Priya Dutt, who had maintained a conspicuous silence ever since the Supreme Court sentenced her brother to five years in jail, issued an official media statement on Saturday.


Priya Dutt thanked the people and the members of the film industry for lending support to her brother. “I would like to thank the entire film industry, prominent personalities and most of all the people of India for their overwhelming gestures of love and support shown towards Sanjay and our family,” her statement said.


“A 20 year ordeal has finally come to an end. 20 years is a lifetime for most people. In Sanjay's case this has been a lifetime of tension and anxiety, a lifetime of repentance and reform, a lifetime of punishment and trial,” the statement added.


Priya Dutt also said that for Sanjay, versions of verdicts have been passed on him throughout these years. He has been judged by all during these 20 years and sometimes in the most harsh ways. Yet he has stood strong and firm, normalised his life, served society, helped and stood by his colleagues, friends and family and is today one of the most dependable people in the film fraternity.


“As a sister, as a family...we will always stand by him. That is what any loving family will do. It is only logical that as a family we will explore every option. If the purpose of incarceration is reform and punishment for crime committed, then I believe he has undergone both. As a family, we accept the judgment of the Honorable Supreme Court, and we stand strong together in this trying time to give each other the strength and courage,” the statement said.

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