"Woman in Black" real test of my acting skills"

7 years ago

By Juhi Chakraborty After playing the larger than life character Harry Potter for 11 years, Daniel Radcliffe is stepping away from his boy wizard persona to play a widowed lawyer in his next film "The Woman in Black".

The 22-year-old actor says the upcoming horror film is the real test of his acting skills. "For many people, this will be a test of my skills and will help me break off from the childlike image of mine. I am playing older then my age and have worked on my looks as well.It was a huge transition indeed. I feel like I've landed on my feet with this being the first thing after Harry Potter," Radcliffe told PTI in an email interview.

"I am playing a father and it is a more grown-up film, but it is not so scandalously different," Radcliffe said. The actor, who made his dream debut as 'the boy who lived' at the age of 11, practically grew up on screen in front of the audience. His character often over shadowing his own persona but Radcliffe does not mind it. "I have lived as Harry Potter for years now and it has embedded into me, it's effect will remain with me for some more years now keeping in mind the success of the movie," he said.

In "The Woman in Black", a James Watkins directed horror-thriller film, based on Susan Hill's novel of the same name, Radcliffe plays a father who comes to a village to discover a series of inexplicable incidents. The PVR Pictures is releasing the film in India on February 10.

"I play a widowed lawyer Arthur Kipps, who lands into this village in the north to prove himself and his dedication to pursuing his future in his company as he is kind of struggling to hold on to his job. He is a father and he somebody who is much damaged at a very young age and has not found his way back," Radcliffe said.

The young actor said that in order to get into the skin of the character, he also consulted a psychiatrist besides reading the novel. "I am very excited about being associated with Woman in Black. I read about the character in the novel and also was consulting a psychiatrist to understand my character better," he said.

Asked if he has ever encountered any spooky incident on set or anywhere else, Radcliffe said, "No never on the sets. I always look for some logic and I don't just believe in things that I see happening around me. I am not a spiritual or pious, infact I am an atheist," he added. Radcliffe, who has also tried his hands in theatre with 'Equus' and the 2011 Broadway revival of the musical 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying', is in no hurry and is taking things as they come.

"As of now I am taking it very easy and I am not in a hurry to achieve too many things. I am doing theatre, stage shows, television shows and taking life the way it comes to me," he said.

Radcliffe may not be much aware of Bollywood, but he knows all about the nation's other love- cricket and Sachin Tendulkar. "I do not know much about Bollywood, except for this one movie called "Chak de India". I am a huge fan of cricket and love Sachin tendulkar and have heard a song from the movie often in lot of matches," he said. PTI

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