Yana focuses on writing

7 years ago

She rose to fame with the item number 'Babuji' in the film 'Dum' but Bollywood has taken a backseat for model Yana Gupta, who is now concentrating on writing and a musical album.



"My main focus is on writing and music. Bollywood is going to take a back seat now, though I will still very much be open to new projects and occasional dance performances at events as I really enjoy that," Yana, who has become a writer with a health and wellness guide 'How To Love Your Body And Get The Body You Love', told PTI.



For some years, the Czech Republic-born Yana has been suffering from chronic eating disorder, despite being a fitness freak. In her book, she reveals how she put all this behind her and evolved a unique approach to health and wellness.



Eating disorders are something common to actors and artistes because of their hectic schedules. And so, Yana feels it is very important to stick to a proper eating chart. "If you are working in this industry, it is an essential  part of the work really. You have to be in shape or else the job will go to someone else. That puts us all under quite a lot of pressure. At the same time, we travel all the time and eat on the sets, where the food is not the healthiest so if one is serious about maintaining their figure and eating healthy too, he/she has to ultimately set up some system of either preparing food at home in the morning and carrying it to the shoot or having someone bring it for you," she says.



Yana is working on her second book now and also recording her first album. "The subject (of her second book) is a secret for the moment and my music album will be releasing within few months so I'm preparing for that (shooting videos, planning promotion)." She says her books will always include bits and pieces of stories from her own life.



"I am also planning a book that would have more detailed description of my life's journey including the Bollywood bit amongst other things. That's not the next project, however," says Yana, who has modelled for Calvin Klein, Victoria's Secret, Toyota and Limca among others. PTI

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